A tactical sunglass is functional beyond the properties of an ordinary sunglass. Since this is not a very commonly heard type, it would do much more benefit than harm by having a proper tactical sunglass buying guide. The most essential function of these glasses is that they act as a shield which helps prevent your eyes from being over-exposed to ultra-violet rays. These glasses are enabled to provide ballistic protection to the eyes as well, that is, protection from small fragments. Ballistic protection is required in areas such as Military, Shooting, Hunting, Fire-fighting and Law Enforcement.

Your EDC (Every Day Carry) bag is incomplete without packing your tactical sunglasses. Different types of these sunglasses serve different purposes with each of them having their own unique features and benefits. Irrespective of what is the level of light you work under, strong, dim or completely dark; these sunglasses would make sure that your target is achieved.


tactical sunglass buying guide

  • Tactical Shooting Sunglass: Used by hunters, these are designed to be lightweight in nature that can be used on firing ranges. They are known for their casual look and designs. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has set a standard of eye protection for sunglasses that, if met, could be called as shooting glasses. Measuring its impact resistance, the standard is set at ANSI Z87.1.

While buying these, one should look for glasses with a number of coloured and interchangeable lenses for practical purposes of optimising their use under different light conditions.

  • Tactical Military Sunglass: Commonly used by soldiers, these are used while shooting in the firing ranges or for wildlife hunting. These are even better than the shooting sunglasses and have a higher ANSI standard set. The explosion caused by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) releases shrapnel that can permanently damage the eyes. The use of polycarbonate lenses ensures whoever wears the best military sunglass that their eyes would be protected from such bomb explosions.

One should always choose to go for the best military sunglass. One that ensures protection from a 0.15 diameter metal ball hit directly with a speed of 650 feet per second.

  • Tactical Goggles: The ultimate ballistic protection any sunglasses could provide would be provided by these tactical goggles. They have a world-wide reputation and are used by navies, militaries and air forces. Just like military sunglasses, they are built with a polycarbonate frame and also use polarized coatings. They help with 100% protection from UV rays and are scratch resistant.

The reason why one should always consider tactical goggles over anything else is that its retention strap affixes the goggles to the face completely without any fear of them coming out. One can be ensured that their eyes would be protected from any angle no matter what is the pressure situation.

A tactical sunglass buying guide is complete only if it could emphasize to its readers that our eyesight is the most valuable gift. Hence, it is always important to choose sunglasses that provide the most optimum protection.