For those who love petting beautiful animals and fishes in their home, betta must have been a prominent choice in their list. Also known as Siamese fighting fish, these are vibrantly colored pretty fishes that are often witnessed swimming within ornamental vases or aquariums in offices and homes. They not only enhance the beauty of your home when placed at a highlighted spot but they eventually kill away the negativity and give a flow of perfect positive vibes. The breed of these fishes was discovered within Southeast Asia and since then, they have always been everyone’s favorite. So, are you also planning to get a Betta Aquarium for your home? If yes, then here are a few major things that you should definitely know prior to buying one!

Here are a few things that will keep your fish healthy within the tanks or aquarium Betta Aquarium

The most essential thing that you must do in order to keep the fish happily living for a long time is recreating its natural habitat. Every fish lives in a different kind of atmosphere with unique water plants and fellow fishes or animals thus, if you don’t want to see your fishes dying, then you must research thoroughly about its atmosphere and lifestyle in advance. After which, here are a few more things that you are supposed to do while setting up Betta Aquarium

  • Setting up the right tank as per its size– first of all, the betta should not be kept within small novelty tanks that accommodate less than 5 gallons of space. People, who know their origin and details of a betta living in rice paddy fields, often end up thinking that they can easily survive in narrow and small places. Well, this is a completely wrong though! Apart from the comfort of the fish, it is also important because a tiny tank brings in a whole lot of complications when setting up and cleaning. You can’t keep all the water parameters up to the mark as well as ammonia spikes might attack the container easily.
  • Tank filter and heater must also be set right- while setting up your aquarium; you must make way for a great filter that can provide the fishes with enough amount of rich oxygen to breathe. Also, ensure that you keep on undergoing a partial water change procedure once every 3 days. Another thing that you have to replicate from the natural environment is the amount of heat required by your fish. However, as temperature ranges in every city and state are widely different, you must know that your fishes need enough amount of protection from extremely cold or hot water. As per your state, set up the water temperature and also place a thermometer at the opposite end of your tank towards the heater to ensure that the temperature is favorable.

So, these were just a few major considerations that every individual should make before they plan to get a Betta Aquarium installed. If you are unaware of all these things, then take up a whole lesson from professionals and then only bring them home.