Lowrance hook is a device that is used to determine the topology of the ocean floor. This device is popularly used by many fishermen to identify the definite position for fishing. This device is moderately expensive being slightly less than 70 USD and makes life quite easy by definite detection ability.


Pros of the device

It gives a precise location of objects as it uses down scan sonar technology. The software is upgradeable and can be updated from time to time increasing the longevity of the product. It comes with a DSI transducer which uses frequencies to measure temperature and depth. The quality of the display is pretty good providing a colour display with LED backlight which can easily be read even when viewed under sunlight. It is easy to install and operate and thus a good device in comparison to other similar products available on market. It is also much cheaper than most of the products available for fish finding and topology determination. The device is provided is pretty good battery life. It has a quick release, tilt-swivel and brackets included. It is capable of using dual frequencies – 455 and 800 kHz. The operation of the menu is done by keys present in the device. The display is about 3.5” and diagonally placed making it further easy to use. The track and alarm options are also available for easy detection and notification for the user.


Cons of the devicelowrance hook 3x review

It is not a touch screen. The device is not provided with a 2D sonar which is present in most fish locating devices. The transducer is not included in the price of the product and needs to be purchased separately. However, the transducer that is compatible with other fish finder devices of Lowrance can be used along with this device. The hook should be placed properly in a vertical position while operating as its tilting might give false results. Despite its precise functioning and user-friendly programming, many users find it difficult to obtain correct readings by using this device and face difficulty in operation in the first few months while operation, especially for beginners. The device does not have an NMEA connectivity. It also lacks an Ethernet port or an SD card reader. It does not have sonar recording options available. It does not come with a cover and despite being waterproof it must be covered while using in salt water as salt water is considered to be pretty corrosive for the device.


While using the device a few things must be considered for its best functioning and to obtain accurate results such as:

The device functions best when the speed of the boat is limited to a range of 1 to 6 miles per hour and face difficulty operating at higher speed. The device notifies the position of a fish by showing a fish icon on the screen. The frequency of the device has to be adjusted by the user and if not done properly will create difficulties while operation.

Thus, for the price and a large variety of positive aspects the Lowrance hook 3X review is a quite trustworthy and sustainable buy for people having an interest in ocean topography and fishing.