About Immigration

Immigration is a complex process but one can manage to navigate through it on their own. You can purchase US Immigration and Citizenship that costs merely $16 or purchase books on visas, immigration, citizenship and green cards offered by Nolo Press for $26-$40. Further, you can seek basic procedural advice from USCIS information officers as to where and how to file an application and about the fees but other than this basic advice, seeking any advice about your case from them is really not a good idea. They will take up no responsibility if their advice turns out to be wrong and won’t treat your application with any sympathy either. Though, many people choose to seek the second opinion from an immigration lawyer.

Can an immigration Lawyer help you?

Immigrant attorneys are independent practitioners who help their clients with issues related to US citizenships, green cards, visas etc. They usually charge $100-$300 on an hourly basis while some may charge $70-$150 for the initial consultation that does not last more than half an hour. It is due to this reason; some people hesitate to hire an immigration lawyer. Different Countries have different immigration laws, for example in Dublin, you need to know Immigration law Dublin.

But in some cases, by hiring an immigration attorney, you will not only save time, aggravation but even money. For example, if you have to redo an application that was done incorrectly the first time or if your application process goes seriously wrong and you have to defend yourself in removal proceedings, then that will cost you much more than what hiring a lawyer would.

When to hire an Immigration lawyerImmigration law Dublin

The following are some of the situations when you should definitely consider hiring an immigration lawyer.

  •    If you are feeling overwhelmed by the paperwork
  •    In cases of deportation or conviction of a crime
  •    If you are uncertain if you are eligible or not for a green card or other immigration benefits
  •    If you are having a hard time figuring out which visa you should apply for
  •     If you have come across delays with your application process
  •    If your previous application has been rejected
  •    If you want to obtain a visa or green card because of employment but your prospective employer is not willing to handle the application process


It gets frustrating and aggravating when your immigrant application in which you put a lot of time and effort in gets rejected or worse, you don’t even receive a response. People further face problems with eligibility or when a married couple has a joint residential status in the US but now are thinking of getting a divorce. In these times, immigrant lawyers are your best option and safest bet.

They know how to present your case in a way that will get you citizenship and what other steps that should be taken so that your application does not get rejected. Therefore, if you are overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork that you are required to do to get a visa or you are facing other immigration issues then you should definitely seek help from an immigration attorney.