Are you looking for the best water efficient and high quality one piece toilet? Then you can choose eago tb351 as it is the best selling and quality toilets in recent times. It has an ultra flush feature that helps to flush approximately 1.29 gallons of water per flush. The toilet lid or cover from this manufacturer is soft types as you do not have to get irritated slamming the seat covers after every use. It is manufactured as an automatic hinge system that slows down the entire lid covering mechanism to gently close it.

Features of eago tb351 toilets

 eago tb351

As mentioned earlier, the eago tb351 toilets are single piece toilet which itself is a pretty good feature. Apart from this, the following are the special features of eago tb351 toilets

  • Hinge system: The eago toilets are made of automatic hinge systems that have three covers for avoiding sudden closure of lids making a huge noise. The traditional toilets will not have this system and slamming of those lids can get broke easily. This automatic hinge system helps in maintaining the noise created during the closure.
  • Low flush: The eago tb351 toilet has an automatic system that exactly flushes only 1.2 gallons of water. This is a very appreciable feature as it helps to save water rather wasting by loads of gallons during a normal flush. Hence it makes itself as an environmentally friendly toilet as it approximately saves around million of water every year.
  • Sleek design: The stylish design of the eago tb351 toilet makes a modern look. If you are looking for a toilet that looks stylish and kind of upgrading your washroom, then you can definitely go for it.
  • Efficient: The toilet has an efficient and powerful 3 flushing valve. It is great compared to the traditional toilets as the older ones have ball chain flapper systems. There are many problems associated with the older toilets due to the absence of these modern valves.
  • Water distribution is balanced: The design of eago tb351 toilet is made such that the velocity of water coming to flush and exit is perfectly balanced. This balance paves the way for increasing the durability of the toilets.
  • Glazed trap: The trap is larger than the normal and completely glazed to exit smoothly. The glazing also comes along the inner and outer surfaces of the toilet. It helps the toilet to give a perfect finish for a longer period of time.

The eago tb351 toilets come with dual flush systems. The dual flush is used to flush the water efficiently. The single flush is used to flush the liquid waste and the double flush helps to exit the solid wastes. Thus there is even preventing the water wastage and saving them. The wider water surface is provided in this toilet which prevents from creating a bad odor. It also helps in easy cleaning of the entire system as the single piece toilets have only fewer nooks to clean.